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Running With the Bulls

Looking for internships in Louisville? A new software development internship program launched by El Toro seeks to enhance local talent and attract top computer science students from throughout the country to Louisville, Ky. In its first year, 12 students have received a 15-week opportunity to help the El Toro development team enhance its industry-leading digital marketing products and lay the groundwork for future technology.

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Looking for Full Time Internships in Louisville outside of development? No problem! El Toro offers 3 month internships to those who meet our qualifications. Contact us to learn about our "intern to full time employment" careers.

See Where Our Intern's Have Come From
See Where Our Intern's Have Come From
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    As the Spanish do, we are offering an exhilarating, adrenaline filled, fast paced experience with the goal to push you far ahead of the industry status quo, i.e. the bulls. El Toro is happy to partner with local universities that offer students the opportunity to gain work experience in-field with hands-on training and development guided by one of the greatest DEV teams in the state. If you're looking for development internships in Louisville, Running With the Bulls could be for you!

Running With the Bulls could be the perfect internship for you. You will be working and creating solutions that will be used in the advertising technology world;
we're not giving you busy work. Running With the Bulls is like being tossed into the fire pit - it's just our style. You will get an opportunity to work on "Next Generation" projects with our senior developers in a hack-a-thon style learning environment. Are you up for the challenge?

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