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Geek Out With The El Toro Nerds!

The El Toro Podcast is a long-form conversation hosted by two of El Toro's finest tech nerds: David Stadler and Austin Whitely

The El Toro Podcast is released each Friday morning. Each podcast features friends of El Toro, Louisville socialites, advertising and tech influencers. Ready to listen? We're streaming on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher and Spotify!

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el toro podcast
el toro podcast

Meet Your Hosts Of The El Toro Podcast

With two different perspectives of AdTech, Stadler and Austin offer a unique view of the digital landscape. Check out the details below!

el toro podcast

David Stadler

David Stadler, or simply "Stadler", is one of the original founders of El Toro! While currently helps run the El Toro machine now, he isn't new to the online world. Coming from a background in domaining in the midst of the Dot-Com boom, Stadler quickly learned the ins and outs of the internet from the beginning.

el toro podcast

Austin Whitely

Austin is the audio and sound expert for the podcast. Austin's background in sound engineering made him a perfect fit for the El Toro Podcast. Austin currently uses his adtech knowledge working with AdOps here at El Toro. While he mainly handles the technical aspects of the podcast, you can't help but admire his radio voice!

Got Questions?

The El Toro Podcast is for you: our clients and friends! And what would be the point if we weren't helping you better your company? We would love to hear from you and answer your questions on the stream.

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