Political Advertising Regulations

We’re only 49 days until the midterm election. It’s not too late to engage in running a political advertising campaign through our IP Targeting abilities. Learn what many are doing to combat fraud this election cycle and how El Toro's system combats that.

Digital Event Marketing: Pre-Event, Real-Time, and Post-Event

Digital Event Marketing By: Jeremy Sneed As a whole, just how extensively do corporations and brands realize the mass amounts of effort, time and resources that is spent on events? Local events, outreach opportunities, trade shows, and other related events is a much larger industry than most realize. The Convention Industry Council released a report that gave great insight into just how colossal the event industry truly is. Accord to the study, each year around...

Social Media Distrust and Political Marketing

With so much backlash towards Facebook in 2018 alone, it seems now is perhaps the best time to move marketing spend away from the social media platform. Instead we believe in allotting that spend to more advantageous digital marketing efforts.

Advertising Metrics

When analyzing the success of an advertising campaign, most agencies and platforms utilize the same metrics. The ad jargon used to show the outcome of an ad campaign can get a little distorted with so many numbers thrown together. Here is how we do it:

4 Types of Programmatic Advertising

What is programmatic advertising? Specifically, what is programmatic ad buying? If you’re in the business of marketing or advertising, programmatic advertising is something you will want to be well versed in as it continues to increase its prominence every year in the digital advertising world. Learn the four types of programmatic for your next digital ad campaign!

Truth In Advertising

The beauty of advertising is you can show off your brand in any way you wish. How many places have can you pass in New York City claiming to have the “world’s best cup of coffee”? In the end, the truth is, you have to advertise the truth.

5 Banner Ad Guidelines

Banner Ad Guidelines To Follow In 2018 By: Kramer Caswell Banner ads are our specialty here at El Toro. Each day, our team reviews banner ads to make sure they pass the required creative audit before serving. With years of experience, our AdOps specialists have become some of the most knowledgeable in the field on what works with creatives and what doesn’t. Building off of our last post regarding landing page best practices, here are...

10 Landing Page Best Practices

Consider some of these best practices when designing or editing your landing page. Here at El Toro, we want to work with you to optimize your digital advertising in every sense possible. Full optimization means having a stellar landing page in the mix. Learn how to make incredible landing pages with our top 10 best practices!

Introducing: The El Toro Podcast!

We really dig podcasts here at El Toro! Members of our team listen to them while grinding through work. Our team wanted to provide an atmosphere where people can talk about tech from the layman's view, drink bourbon and sometimes plug El Toro (we like money). So, we started the El Toro Podcast!         We’re excited to provide more valuable content for our users. Our goal with the podcast is to provide...

Geolocation Service & Mobile Marketing

Geolocation service is a term that has been around for a while but is just starting to take on a new meaning as it is increasingly being used in the digital marketing world. Learn all about it from El Toro's latest blog posting!