Introducing: The El Toro Podcast!

We really dig podcasts here at El Toro! Members of our team listen to them while grinding through work. Our team wanted to provide an atmosphere where people can talk about tech from the layman's view, drink bourbon and sometimes plug El Toro (we like money). So, we started the El Toro Podcast!         We’re excited to provide more valuable content for our users. Our goal with the podcast is to provide...

Geolocation Service & Mobile Marketing

Geolocation service is a term that has been around for a while but is just starting to take on a new meaning as it is increasingly being used in the digital marketing world. Learn all about it from El Toro's latest blog posting!

6 Steps to IP Targeting

IP Targeting: What Made Us Famous By: Jeremy Sneed How does IP Targeting through El Toro really work for our clients? While our technology speaks for itself, we also rely on you, the client, to help us optimize your campaign to ensure the highest level of conversions possible. Our technology has been proven to work time and time again. However, with this, we see that the best chance of conversions relies on your end of...

Retail Attribution

The retail industry has undergone many changes in the past decade. With the rise of digital shopping, companies are constantly looking for ways of proving retail attribution offline and online. The ability to have increased accountability for every ad dollar spent is something that’s becoming more prevalent among all retail companies.

Political Marketing: Approaching Your Platform

El Toro is a nationally recognized political marketing tool. Every day, candidates rely on our patented IP Targeting technology to deliver ads to their constituents. Used in over 2,700 political campaigns and by 10% of current US Governors, you can trust El Toro to get you results!

Device & Screen Agnostic

El Toro’s ad serving abilities are screen agnostic, meaning whatever device someone utilizes to go online, El Toro can target them on a one to one level!

4 Things to Consider When Investing in Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising Tips By: Jeremy Sneed "Advertising's not going away. Really sh**ty advertising is going away, and I bid that farewell," said David Droga in opening Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity for 2018. Ad platforms continue to unveil the latest and greatest ad practices, providing the biggest bang for your buck in digital ad spending. Each of these new platforms causes increased competition, creating a battle for optimal CPM (Cost per 1,000 impressions). This begs...

El Toro Privacy: Ensuring Your Data is Safe

Data can be collected on individuals but only with their consent beforehand. This data also cannot be shared or used without individual consent. However, El Toro does not collect data in the way most advertisers do, especially digital advertisers.