Welcome to El Toro

The Only One-to-One 100% Cookie-Free IP Targeting Solution

Welcome to El Toro

The Only One-to-One 100% Cookie-Free IP Targeting Solution

Introducing El Toro IP Targeting & Device Targeting
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We view IP addresses differently than most companies. To us, an IP address is a way to connect businesses and marketers to their customers and prospects with a new approach to online advertising: IP Targeting. We match physical addresses to IP addresses with extreme precision with our offline data onboarding capabilities and patented one-to-one marketing technology to offer multiple advertising products stemming from our IP Targeting algorithm.

El Toro's AdTech Products

El Toro is constantly building brand new advertising technologies to continue to reign as one of the premier digital marketing platforms. Each product stems from the IP Targeting algorithm that made us famous. Check out some of our most popular products below:

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Digital New Movers

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Target Real People in Real Households

No other online marketing company can scale your target all the way down to the individual household or building. When we say we can target a specific address, we mean it. With our IP Targeting technology, we match the IP at a 95% or greater confidence level for true one-to-one marketing.

100% Cookie-Free Advertising Technology

While most other online marketing tools use online cookie data, IP Targeting uses offline data, which is verified and drastically reduces the potential of non-human bot traffic. We fuse direct mail with digital advertising by onboarding and unifying your customer data. We’re like the digital postman for the online world.

El Toro is revolutionizing programmatic media with IP Targeting, and our patented approach of matching physical addresses to IP addresses. IP Targeting from El Toro is 100% cookie-free and connects with real people at an unparalleled accuracy, eliminating ad fraud. With a 95% or greater confidence level, El Toro is the premier choice for digital advertising!

We Don’t Follow Standards. We Define Them.
El Toro's IP Targeting algorithm is changing the way online advertising can be measured. We target real people in real households, which means our focus is on Return on Investment (ROI), NOT Click Through Rate (CTR). While our average CTR is nearly 3x the industry standard, with our MatchBack Analysis, we can provide 100% accurate conversion data all without the use of tracking pixels, form fills, and call tracking. However, our system plays well with all of those if needed. With El Toro's patented algorithm, one-to-one targeting has become possible.
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Louisville IP Targeting company El Toro LLC just keeps growing, and the company is looking ahead to a significant expansion that could drastically increase its workforce.

Technology Fast 500 winners for 2017 are selected based on percentage fiscal year revenue growth during the period from 2013 to 2016. El Toro grew over 12,032%

El Toro IP Targeting is the Emerging Company of the year in the 2015 Business of the Year awards.

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